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I got a job!

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I finally got my first food service job (I had some in high school but this is my first since deciding this is what I want to do). I am going to be working in a sort of upscale deli but they also do catering. Everything they do is homemade from scratch so there will be an opportunity for me to learn a little of everything, from the wraps they serve to the homemade soups, cakes and other dishes such as lasagne. I am so excited! Now to see if I still want to go to culinary school after doing this for a year or so! :crazy:
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Good for you!
Work hard.
Support your chef.
Concentrate on what you are doing.
Be attentive, and responsive.

Don't be tardy, be early.
Never call in unless things are very, very serious.
NEVER be a no call - no show. EVER.

Never get caught up in anyone else's negativity. Asuure yourself constantly that this is what YOU want to do, you made the choice, and that if someone else is unhappy, that's purely their problem.

And be patient grasshopper, patient. Career building in this business can take awhile.
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congratulations and welcome to the club.
My life, my choice.....
My life, my choice.....
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