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pastry table hight

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I am redoing my kitchen and want to use one section of countertop for rolling out dough. Dose anyone the hight of a pastry table


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I would think that that would depend on your height. Make it comfortable for yourself. I think tables in pastry shops are way too short. But I'm 6'2"
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This is my first time to respond to someone on the internet. I have a pastry table and it is 31 inches tall, but I am 5'5" tall. I think it all depends on how tall you are.

Hope this helps.

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I use an oak table, 48 X 36 inches. I had it built so that the work surface is 37 inches from the floor.
I am 6'2, and have long arms, so this height works for me.
I suggest that you visit a furniture store, or kitchen supply store, take your tape, and check various heights for what seems comfortable to you.

Best of luck, and congratulations on your improved kitchen :lips:
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it all depends on what is comfy for you. I sometimes have to stand on a stool to roll out some items so I can work my rolling pin more efficiently.
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
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