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Roasting pan question

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Hi all - I didn't see an ealier post about this, so here goes.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I've been tasked to handle the turkey for my friends' potluck dinner. I do not have a roasting pan.

I want a pan that can go from the oven to the stove-top. Can I do this with any decent pan that's heavy enough? What if it's teflon-coated non-stick? Or hard-anodized? Should I stick with stainless steel?

Unfortunately, I do not have the funds for a $200 All-Clad, so I'm also looking for something more affordable. Any specific recommendations would be welcomed.


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Buy the heaviest stainless steel pan you can afford, preferably one that has a layer of aluminum between the stainless steel. All Clad is the best example of such contruction but there are lighter pans that are still 3-ply.

Heavy pans conduct and transfer heat more uniformly. Not only will your food cook more uniformly but a heavier pan prevents hot spots that can randomly scorch your food and add a burnt taste to the gravy.

If you must get aluminum, (not aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel but 100% aluminum), then definitely go with annodized since it will not be reactive.

Non-stick will not produce the same degree of fond, so vital for making a tasty gravy/sauce afterward. The fond is the caramelized bits leftover on the bottom of the pan after the cooking is done. Yes, the non-stick cleans easier but it comes at the cost of a less tasty gravy. Your choice.

You can put a one-time dent in your budget and make wonderful roasts for the rest of your life, or tighten the purse-strings and compromise all those future meals.

Salad is the kind of food that real food eats.
Salad is the kind of food that real food eats.
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Chef's Classic line?

is anyone familiar with the Cuisinart "Chef's Classic" line? I didn't see any proponents in the bakeware thread. I have a 12" skillet of theirs, and it was a steal at $25 from Amazon. It seems plenty heavy enough, and has worked well for me so far.

But I wonder if their roasting pan - stainless steel, not non-stick - is as well-made?

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