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Agents for chefs?

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My son is working at Michelin rated restaurant in Spain, doing a stage. Needless to say, everyone there...all 30 chefs....want to move to California. This includes the main chef, who is a former El Bulli guy.

So: two questions.

1) Does anyone know of a agent or management firm that specializes in placing chefs? There used to be a Frenchwoman in San Francisco that could get you a job in ten minutes....Maxine something or other....but it is so long ago she is probably St. Peter's agent.

2) Does anyone know of a website or message board that specializes in stages? The informal underground is really inefficient: every kitchen has different rules, different schedules and seasons, different requirements; the stagiers bounce around all over **** and back on rumours and personal contacts.

Thanks.....and if anyone wants to hire a hot-shot Michelin rated 24 year old chef.....let me know. His Spanish salary is 1000 euros......about $1300 a month.....for 5.5 days, 16 hours.....

And you thought YOU were overworked and underpaid!

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pm me......
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