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Pretzels ...

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I have a few questions concerning pretzels. :) Hope u dun mind.
I see some recipes saying that u have to let it rise before baking and after shaping, and some don't. So which one is right?
And for the alkaline solution, some say u dip it in the solution, and some say u boil em in it, like bagels??

Also, wat are the ingredients for true bavarian pretzels?

Thanks a million! :D
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The only pretzeel recipies I have used are for soft pretzels which call for rising, shaping, rising before baking and are DIPPED in the alkaline solution. It occurs to me (without seeing the recipies to which you refer) that the recipies which call for no rising and boiling in the solution may be for hard or crispy pretzels and not the soft ones, but this is only a guess at this point.

Sorry...don't have a recipe for true Bavarian pretzels, but I'll see what I can find.
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Do you egg wash em before baking, or the shine'll automatically come from the solution? (sorry, myinternet was down for 2 das)
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