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First let me thank Chef Berman for arranging this I am sure we all greatly appreciate this opportunity to talk with Mr McGee. My question is this, two part.

(1).What do you consider to be the most basic foundation of cooking essentials that any home cook or chef should master? and (2) What techniques should be mastered above all others?

Thank You for being here.
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These are big questions! I think the answers depend completely on what the cook’s interests and aspirations are. But whether you want to do simple Italian or recipes from the French Laundry or be the next Pierre Hermé, I think it’s important to cook with your senses and mind fully engaged, trying to understand what exactly you’re doing, and why, and what the results are. That way you’re not just following directions, and you’re always growing.

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Exactly! I do not have your book but I am going out tommorrow and get it.
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