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externships orlando

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hey everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback or suggestions for places that specialize in cakes here in orlando, the externships are only 2 months long although i would hope to be kept on afterwards but i'm looking for a place that i would gain the most knowledge and experience in this short amount of time.

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ouch, i lived in orlando during my stint in culinary school (orlando culinary academy) and there arent alot of nice places to work unless your gonna get into the theme park buisness.
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yeah you're telling me, i go to oca now and it seems they keep trying to push us in the direction of theme parks or hotels and that's not really where i want to be i want to be in a place where i can learn new techniques and practice with cakes
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how do you like oca? i almost went there but decided to go to cia instead.
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