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Substitutes for Potash & Hirschhorn  

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Good evening,

I have a very old Polish recipe for piernik (honey cake) which calls for bicarbonate of potash and hirschhorn. Since I've been unable to find these ingredients, I've been trying to find out what I can substitute for them. I've been using baking soda, but the resulting product is not entirely satisfactory. I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

Thanks, Helen
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Baking soda is bicarbonate of sodium, which is a good replacement for bicarbonate of potash (potassium). Hirschhorn is hartshorn, so called because it was made from the antlers of deer. The modern equivalent is ammonium carbonate, which does indeed have unusual properties (it doesn’t release any moisture, and it does release ammonia; see page 532 of my book). It’s available from baking supply companies.

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Thanks so much for replying to my question, and for making yourself available in this forum. Sounds like your book would be a welcome addition to my library -- I will place it high on my Christmas wish list. Again, many thanks.

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