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Cheesecake Inquiry....

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How can i make my cheesecake look taller (bakery style)?. Once i changed the springform pan from size 10'' to 9" but it did not make a big diffrence. i also tried to double the crust and got awet crust because of the butter.

Any good advice?

And is it true that the chesecake pan should not be greased?
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Put more batter in the pan. Yes, it should be greased!
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Cheesecake Inquiry

Good Morning. My suggestion for your consideration is if you wish to double the thickness of the crust I would pre-bake the crust. I will not advise you on how to do that as I am sure you know the technique. Another option is to place a layer of somewhat dry pineapple on top of the crust & then pour your custard on top.
Altaf, I would like to mention to you why your cdouble crust application ended up wet & runny. As you know when baking a cheesecake (It is not a cake... It is a custard), You do so on a low temp. The butter in the dough before it was able to coagulate it began to melt & did not coagulate fully. I propose to you to refriderate the crust dough before applying same in your baking pan & when completed repeat same for 15 minutes. This way when the heat hits the dough it will begin to coagulate sooner before it has a chance to melt. This technique should be applied in anything we bake especially cookies if we do not wish for them to spread. Good luck my friend & I hope I was able to provide some insight for your cause today.
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