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Smoke and fumes from seasoning cast iron  

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When I used to cure new cast iron cookware at home, I got into a controversy with my wife. I use the high temperature method of seasoning, 425 degrees for an hour and a half. This caused a lot of smoke and fumes, more than could be efficiently evacuated with my home hood and a large fan blowing air out the kitchen window. (I now season all my cast iron during down times in commercial kitchens that can handle the fumes.)

While I freely acknowledge that the fumes from burning oil were noxious, my wife - a physician - is of the opinion that they were also toxic. Were they?

Thanks again.
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I like to season on the gas grill outside. Solves the fumes problem.

But I would hazard a guess that the fumes are not good for us. You're essentially burning a hydrocarbon on the surface of the pan.

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Yes, the fumes from smoking oil are unhealthful, as you can tell from the fact that they irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Depending on the oil and temperature, they can include carcinogens. So avoid them one way or another!

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