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Kuruma Zushi-New York

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After posting about the bad experience at Vong, I thought that I would post a positive review on a restaurant that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed. This particular restaurant is located in Mid-town and is called Kuruma-Zushi. One may know of it becuase it was featured on the Martha Stewart show on the Food Network. It also has recieved three stars from the New York Times. I must say that I was a little apprehensive before I went becuase of the reputation, deserved or not, about how Japanese restaurants can be daunting to the non-Japanese. However, I must say that Kuruma Zushi is extremely Japanese and extremely "user-friendly." Uezo-San, the chef and proprietor, is extremely engaging, friendly and a master sushi chef. The fish that he purveys is nothing less than sublime. I don't mean to sound ridiculous but it was!!! I put myself in the hands of Uezo-san for his version of the omakase. Everything was top-notch from the numerous grades of toro (fatty tuna) to the winter seasonal burri (a cross between yellowtail and toro). I must say that burri is now my favorite and I think must people would concur if they had it. Uezo-san was also spectacular in the preparation of the items he pre-pared for my "non-raw fish eating wife." The cucumber filled with freshly grated umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums) was her favorite. I highly recommend Kuruma Zushi to anyone who wants to experience the most awesome sushi experience! Two words of caution, don't order a spicey tuna roll and prepare to spend a lot of money! My wife and I had our wedding dinner at Nobu in Las Vegas (yes, it was excellent!!!!!) and the meal at Kuruma Zushi was practically twice the total bill at Nobu. So, start saving now and treat yourself to a spectacular meal.
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I don't know if I've been there. Is that on 56th St.? There's an excellent Japanese noodle house on 55th between 5th and 6th called Menchanko Tei. Some of the best noodles I've ever had.
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Kuruma-Zushi is located at 7 E 47th street on the second floor between 5th Ave and Madison Ave.
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