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Wood and bacteria, oh my!  

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Thank you again for being on here and putting up with all of our questions!

How often do wooden cutting boards and salad bowls need to be reoiled? And what about wooden spoons, spirtles and wooden handled spatulas? Have I got a yucky breeding ground for the bacteria or are they/can they be made safe?

Thank you!
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There’s no real rule for oiling wood utensils. I’m lazy and never do it, and they’re okay. The key to safety is thorough washing with hot soapy water, whether the surfaces have been oiled or not. There have been reports that bacteria don’t survive well on the surfaces of wood cutting boards, but I don’t believe that the researchers tested the effects of oiling.

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Thank you

To be honest, I've never oiled mine either (cutting boards, that is.). They do get a hot water and soap wash after use, so I guess I'm good to go.

Thank you again!

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