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calories/carbs in yogurt  

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I'm of the impression that the various lactobacilli used to make yogurt convert lactose to lactic acid. Lactic acid isn't metabolized as a carbohydrate so far as I know. The nutrition panels on commercial packages of yogurt give the same values as plain homogenized milk. Has not the bacterial action changed the nutrient profile, and if it has, how and to what extent?


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Are you talking plain yogurt? Flavored yogurt has lots of sugar.

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Plain yogurt nutrient profile

I'm asking about plain yogurt. My question concerns yogurt in particular and fermented milk products in general. Is the nutrient profile the same after fermentation? I doubt it, but I can't find anything authoritative to confirm or deny it.

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Lactic acid is a byproduct of carbohydrate metabolism in our bodies as well as in bacteria—it’s essentially half of a glucose molecule. Our bodies use it to re-synthesize glucose, so it does have an effective caloric value similar to that of other carbohydrates.

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