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The Great Muffin Controversy  

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There's a minor on-going disagreement in our house--muffin batter. I'm of the old-school mix until just moistened and yes, there's lumps left. My husband, on the other hand, is a great believer in mixing the living daylights out of the poor things until the batter is smooth. He will not do a head-to-head muffin making comparison with me and insists that his come out "just as good" (oddly, he's never made me any muffins. I think he's being evasive. :lol: ).

Is there any science behind the "mix until just moistened" school, or must I make my apologies by whomping up a batch of dried-cherry muffins?

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Hold a muffin-off! Side by side comparisons are the best way to see what a difference changes in technique can make—or don’t, sometimes. In this case, I think your muffins will be more tender and rise higher—less gluten development and loss of leavening gases.

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