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Wood vs. Plastic Cutting Boards  

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Mr. McGee:

Could you finally put to rest the controversy over wood vs. plastic cutting boards? Specifically, is there a difference between the two in terms of bacterial contamination and growth?

I've read and heard arguments on both sides of this issue.

Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

Salad is the kind of food that real food eats.
Salad is the kind of food that real food eats.
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I know of no peer-reviewed in depth work. They've all been studies done by University student's in a class, and only a couple of those.

Cook's Illustrated recreated the test recently. They found wood did do a measurablely better job of natural disinfection. Measurabley doesn't mean large. But if you wash the board at all, it's negligible. And plastic is much easier to wash and care for.

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I’d concur with Phil again. Washing is what makes the big difference.

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