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Coconut pannacotta

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i am contemplating attempting a coconut flavoured pannacotta, but i'd like to work out a few kinks in the recipe before i roll up my sleeves. can i use tinned coconut milk instead of infusing the cream with shredded coconut? if so, should i also increase the amount of gelatin?

also, does anyone have any tips/tricks for unmoulding pannacotta from silicone flexi-moulds? the last time we tried, we had to stick them in the freezer so they were slightly over-set before peeling the moulds away, which worked beautifully but we didn't end up with that gorgeous mirror-shine finish.
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Decrease the amount of cream used for the amount of coconut milk and use the same amount of gelatine.
I'm a glorified babysitter...........Yippeeee!!!!!!!
I'm a glorified babysitter...........Yippeeee!!!!!!!
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so i cannot simply replace ALL of the cream/coconut infusion with coconut milk; i can only swap out a certain percentage? as long as the cream/coconut milk amount remains the same, i can use the same amount of gelatin?
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I would be weary of the fat content in the coconut
milk. You may need to increase gelatin by a tiny amount.
I like the flex molds but, I think large rounded capuccino
cups are the best. You want a rounded panna cotta. The
panna cotta should be very delicate. It should wobble when
moved. There is a canned product found in markets and Latino
grocery stores. It is a the liquid out of a green coconut. Not much
sugar content, but great flavor, and absolutely clear as water. It
is in a tall coca cola type can. White with green coconuts on it.
Good luck. Let me know if you need a recipe. I have a traditional
italian one. Also think about adding a little yogurt. It gives it a
little zing!

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new recipes are always appreciated; PM me or post here, if you'd like :).

i wanted to serve it free-standing because i was thinking of doing a layered terrine-type thing and thought it would look cool. hence, the flexi-mould. trying to get it to the right consistancy and yet make it un-mouldable is a challenge. i'm thinking that i may have to freeze it, after all.
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