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First off Mr. Bayless, thank for contributing your time to Chef Talk. I have watched your career for quite some time now, ever since I learned there was more to Mexican and Southwestern cooking than burritos and tacos. That was in the mid 90's when I was part of the opening team of NAVA, in Atlanta, under Kevin Rathburn. When I moved to Chicago Fontera Grill was one of my favorite places to eat, so it is quite an honor to have you here.

I guess my first questions to you, what is your favorite regional cuisine in Mexico and what about that cuisine makes it your favorite? Also what part of Mexico is your favorite place to travel to? If I were to head down to Mexico again, where would you suggest I go to to really experience really experience Mexican culture and cuisine? Thank you.
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Hi Pete, favorite dish is the next one that I will try, my favorite recipe is the next one that I test. Just kidding.

I really love going to Oaxaca. I travel there for Christmas every year, and it feels like home to me. I travel so much for the television show, that it would be really difficult for me to choose a favorite. All of the regions have something wonderful to offer. Mexico is so much about the warmth of the people, the culture. I have written a small travel piece on our website about different regions. Check it out.
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