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LOL, thats funny. Honey.
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Thanks, my darling....
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Arrrrgh!!! #66-77

66. Seeing your server off in the corner literally playing touchy feely with another server while you are waiting for your meal/drinks/check/etc.

67. Seeing another server playing touchy feely with your server and THUS you are not getting your meanl/drinks/check/ etc.

68. Ordering a nice chianti and when you take that first sip after a long hard week, you almost burn your tongue because it is actually hot.

69. Waiting for 10 minutes to have your server take your wine back because she is playing touchy feely with another server.

70. When she finally comes to your table and you explain that your wine is WAY above room temperature, having her tell you "Oh yes....the kitchen is hot."

71. Ordering a delicious sounding dessert to celebrate the end of the long week and not receiving it because your server is playing touchy feely with that same server.

72. Seeing that look of shock when your server is told by the BOH that they are out of that dessert.

73. Having the server NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER when she tries to offer you a free dessert.

74. Waiting for the server to take off the non-existent dessert because she is ****ing STILL PLAYING TOUCHY FEELY WITH THAT SAME ***hole server.

75. tasting the free dessert and finding it is room temperature and had been sitting out.

76. Serving everyone at your table their meals except yours AND NO ONE TELLS YOU that they ran out of the entree you ordered--and your only clue that something is wrong is when someone who is not your server walks by and cryptically asks you "So you're going to be OK then?"


(yes....true story from a single dining experience except #76 that occurred in another restaurant.)
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I cannot explain exactly how much this burns me up. Really. This is annoying as ****. It is the one thing that will make me lip off to waitstaff. I do not like this done to me at all.
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C'mon Jim-

Be a little tolerant of local locutions. You're not that far from the York-Harrisburg area, where YOUSE is the accepted plural form of address. :o

Just be glad you're not in Texas, where "Y'all" is the singular and "All Y'all" is the plural.

Mike :smoking:
travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Wow- a lot of these never occurred to me... youse all are brutal! :D

Never even gave it any thought till we ate at the local location of a particular celebrity chef (who shall remain nameless.) Our server crew (yes, a crew- we were introduced to each by the lead server, leaving us wondering when servers got ranked like soldiers) was like a squad of marines. All four apps hit the table at exactly the same time (not "they were served together", but each plate hit the table from a different server's hand at precisely the same time; same for the entrees.

I haven't been a server since high school at an ice cream joint, but now I compare even the Denny's server to this (probably a***-retentive) synchronized-serving crew.
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Synchronized Service. Great....:crazy:
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Bluedog, I had a similar experience... synchronized service like yours but with silver covers on the dishes. After the plates hitting the table, a dramatic moment of silence and then hands in white gloves lifting all the silver covers at the same time. I about fell over. :)

I've also been too terrified to ever enter a country club like that one again. :talk: :talk: :talk:
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#78 Having the wait staff bring out the menu to prove to the diner that it says "Jack" and that the cook didn't know it meant "Montterray Jack" so he put cheddar on your Montterray Omlette and that it's not his fault the omlette turned out wrong.

#79 Have the Manager unavailable when problems happen. True story: Went to a local food joint with my Bro. We both ordered with me going first. I'll have a #3 yada yada yada. My Bro orders a #6. Get the bill it's for 4 times what it should be. What the heck??? Go over the bill to find the problem. Seems the wait staff ordered enough drinks for six people. Six separate drinks when there were obviously only 2 of us at the table. Asked for the bill to be adjusted - "I can't do that" says the waitress. Ask for mgr - "He's busy right now" "We'll wait. Please tell him we'd like to see him." Waited half hour still no mgr. "He's still busy" says waitress. No comp on the ticket and we got tossed by the cops for "trespassing" after trying to see the mgr again.

#80 Have the mgr threaten a customer with bodily harm while customer is trying to eat the meal they ordered. Mgr grabs plates off the table and throws them on the floor then calls cops to have the customer thrown out because he won't pay for the meal. Thankfully this wasn't us this happened to but we did speak to the police when they arrived about the threats by the mgr and filed a written complaint with corporate. Mgr was terminated within 3 days. Don't know what happened to the customer.
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Getting someone else's Jack and Coke in the lap, and then having to drive home with a taillight out.
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So I'm at this little diner, nothing fancy or anything, and I order a beer. I was from Texas and was in Colorado at the time, still had my TX ID. Until you're 25 now (or at least until the id expires) you have a license that runs vertical instead of horizontal. So when the waitress asks for my id, i gave it to her. She doesn't understand, and screams across the diner, literally, "JERRY!!!! I DON'T THINK THIS IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone turns and stares at me and I was ready to kill her. But at least I got my beer.
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