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Your thoughts on Tex-Mex.  

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Chef Bayless,

I have been a fan of your's as long as I can remember. It's hard not to respect a guy from the area, albeit Oklahoma (you know how we Texans are :D), that loves all things Mexican.

Being raised in South Texas, I grew up on Tex-Mex, that wonderful combination of all things "Border". I fondly remember going over to Piedres Negras and learing how to make Mole, Tamales, Tacos, etc. from my best friend's grandmother. Since that time, oh so many years ago, I have tasted and cooked foods from all parts of Mexico and Central America and consider Tex-Mex to be the regional cuisine of the Border itself, not the Velveeta-laden schlock that people like Diane Kennedy have made it out to be.

My question to you sir is this: What are your general thoughts on Tex-Mex and even New Mexican and Calexico style food?
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I love it. I grew up on it. It was all I knew until I traveled to Mexico. Whenever I go back to Oklahoma, one of the first things I eat (besides BBQ) is my favorite Tex-Mex enchiladas with tons of cheese! I believe there is a place for every kind of cuisine, and my job, with Mexican, is just to let people know the differences between it and Tex-Mex cooking.
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Thank you sir :lips:
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