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Hola SeƱor Rick,

Do you ever get sick of eating Mexican Food? You mentioned you like Thai food, are there other favorites?

Do you ever get sick from eating Mexican Food down in Mexico? I gotta say that when I see you eating all that "street" food on your show, I can't help but wonder about Montezuma's revenge!

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No, I eat lunch and dinner here 5 days a week! We change the menu frequently, and I need to eat the food to make sure everything is coming from the kitchen the way that it should. As far as eating food in Mexico...I am a real fan of street food and I do not get sick. But I am not cavalier about it---I make sure the stall is clean, has a line of people-local people, I usually take off the cilantro or onions on top. I do eat table salsas as well--the red chile (made from dried chiles).
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