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Global Clever.

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Hi everyone, im new to the forum. But anyway im looking into some new knives because i want to get into sushi. I just bought a 8" Shun chefs knife and i was looking into something a little heavier to do some fish work like a Global cleaver. Id get the Shun cleaver but its $180 and being 17 i dont have that much disposable cash, so i would love suggestions.

Also i would love suggestions for a nice utility knife..preferably 6"
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My advice:

Get two cleavers. One, a cheap Chinese cleaver; the other an inexpensive butcher's cleaver.

The Chinese cleavers take an edge well and cut up veggies and meats very rapidly.

The butcher's will be heavy enough to smash it's way through bones.

As much as love my Globals, and covet the Global cleavers, it's simply way too much money and won't do an appreciably better job that the inexpensive standbys. Also, I would be so paranoid not to screw up the Global edge that I'd baby the cleaver way too much!

This is especially true for a 17 year-old on a budget. Good luck
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thanks, you know any internet store i can pick up some of these cleavers.
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