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Help me with LASAGNA!

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Hello, how are u?

I hope u are doing well. Well, lately my friends have been asking me if i can make lasagna for them. Cuz in good restaurants is a littel expensive, here in Lima theres no more than 8 italian restaurants i think,, and the best can be very expensive. Or u can go to pizza-hut or domino's but u only get the classic lasagna.

So I was thinking why i dont sell them to friends if they are interested, too. I rememebr the classic lasagan was with bolognesa and bechamel.
I used to ooil the purex,,,fist past and bolognesa and mozarella, i cover with pasta, now bechamel and mozarella,, cover with pasta,till the top of the pyrex,,,,,what i dunno if i should cover lately with pasta,,or just end with mozarella and parmegiano.....do u remember?

Whta other kind of pasta do u love? I used to do 4 cheeses lasagna a the hotel,,i used to make bechamel and put 4 cheeses,,they told me to use a blue cheese and the other 3 whatever i could find in the refrigerator,,,,,but are 4 special cheese?????????? what are the classic? or what does people like more?

I have heard about vegetables lasagna, i imagien u use champignones, maybe saute onions, i dunno. What i have saw once is a lasagna with shrimps and americaine sauce.

What other kind of lasagnas, do u like? what are ur favourite? any webpage or book y suggest?

Thanks so much.


P:D: What should i do for getting the answers to my email? i used to get them, but lately i dont receive them to my email, thanks.
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Hola Gus,
Que pasa?

I have always traditionally thought of Italian Lasagna with a tomato based sauce (usually with a combination of ground beef and Hot Italian sausage), layered with pasta, ricotta cheese, sauce, pasta, etc. topped with sauce and then mozzarella and parmesan.

However, I've heard that others like lasagna as you have described using a bechamel sauce.

In my experience, a "lasagna" made with bechamel was more often called a "Greek lasagna" or moussaka and it can be made with layers of fried potato, covered with ground lamb mixed with red wine spiced with such spices as cinnamon, allspice, etc., a layer of sliced fried eggplant and topped with a bechamel, the bechamel many times containing cheese and always with nutmeg added. I've also heard of moussaka made without the fried sliced potatoes, but a local restaurant called "It's Greek to Me" makes the best moussaka I've eaten and they layer the bottom of the pan with the fried sliced potatoes.

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I prefer to make lasagna with a sauce that is half bechamel and half tomato. It's still very Italian, but tastes very rich.
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Yeah, thanks

Thanks for ur advice!

Yes i was watching at supermarket a lasagna made with eggplant (berenjenas in spanish),,,,and yes a friedn told me he mixed tomatoe sauce with bechamel and i do it , too somtimes with my spaghetti, very tasty!!

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There are lots of cool lasagnas
grilled vegetable with bechamial / mornay topped with goat cheese sauce
wild (exotic cultivated) mushroom lasagna
spinach lasagna
I do a seafood and eggplant lasagna
you can rool the individual sheets and serve them standing up
There are some cook ethnic variations as well, I knew a peurtorican guy who use to make this thing with greenbeans, picadillo and fried plantans - I think it is some kind of a traditonal peurto rican dish - man that was good!
"Laissez Le Bon Temps Roule"
"Laissez Le Bon Temps Roule"
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You could do a variation of Greek eggplant Mousaka using Italian seasoning instead of Greek. I dunno, it just popped into my head.

Personally I like the traditional meat/sausage/ricotta layers. Bolognaise with a zip.

I don't put meat sauce on top, only in-between, and cover with a fairly simple tomato sauce, fresh chopped oregano or basil and fresh mozzarella.

For the ricotta layer I whip the ricotta and fold into beaten eggs with more fresh herbs and parmigiana. It makes a nice fluffy layer.

So I guess my pasta would go like this: olive oil, pasta, a thin layer of tomato sauce (plain), ricotta sprinkled with a little grated mozzarella, meat sauce, pasta...and etc. Finish with the tomato sauce and fresh mozz.

I have yet to find a lasagne pan that I like that is deep enough :crazy:

THEN I spoon a little extra meat sauce over the top right before serving.

I like it with Italian cauliflower: Steamed cauliflower tossed with butter/olive oil, oregano, garlic and balsamic vinegar. Lightly sprinkle with more parmigianna.

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Lasagna is from Bologna like pesto is from Genova. Many other regions make pesto and lasanga but these places are famous for them. In Bologna, bolognese sauce is used, cooked with a mixture of meats but typically 1/3 beef, veal and pork and the famous milk. Besciamella is also used. The variations you can make are endless and I love them all. I like blueschefs suggestions.
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Lasgna has been done, I believe, about a zillion different ways and not all of them good. I'm a personal chef and when I get requests from my clients for lasagna, I breathe easy, 'cause, well, it's easy. First, it takes about the same amount of time to make five lasagnas as it does one. So utilize your time and have more for later. One thing I like to do is use the pre-made pasta sheets that come frozen. They're fresh and don't need to be pre cooked and always turn out just al dente! If you're doing a traditional meat sauce, use a combination of ground veal, pork, and beef in basic red sauce. I like a bechamel sauce in place of ricotta mixture and I like to use some nice hard cheeses like pecorino romano. Be creative and have fun with it!
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Hello,,,,thanks to everybody,,,,lately I like italian food,,,,,,,,even here its just known by spaghetti,lasagna and basic things,,,the ,arket isnt so big or good, too. I was wondering if i could incluse pesto in one lasagna????the basil will be cooked and black green????? somethings tells me there will be a little problem,,,but in abuffet i atea quiche of pesto,,,so thats why my question!!!

Thanks,,,,,,lets meet in Italy??? Once I read the french food is thanks to the italian influence,,,when a queen,Catalina maybe? went to France with all staf of chefs,,,,,,i dont want to hurt frenchs lovers.

A hug

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