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How would you handle this situation?

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I can't figure where this should be, so, if this is the wrong place please move it and I apologize.

I just answered in another thread about what I made for my sister's wedding (400 cookies, 200 eclairs, 200 cream puffs & 600 cream horns) and figured I'd ask about this. Now, I spent over 60 hours in the kitchen (yes, I have a legal kitchen) making everything. All of this was done free of charge since it was for my sister. Now, I found out about a month after her wedding that her new BIL's wife has been making a killing with all the orders she got from guests at my sis's wedding making cream horns and eclairs since everyone raved about the ones she made for the wedding! HUH??? This girl told everybody that SHE made all of the eclairs and cream horns. MY eclairs and cream horns!! I did tell my sis and her new hubby that I was the one that made them and they insisted that the SIL made them. I had a bit of the fillings left from the eclairs and cream horns left and in my freezer. I thawed them out and gave them a taste to prove that I was the one that made them. (Pi**ed that I needed to) and they were a bit shocked, but, since SIL doesn't lie, she must have made some that were just like mine. WHAT?? Whatever. I really don't know how to handle this! I mean, she just made a killing off of my work! Maybe I shouldn't let this get to me, but, it is. How would you handle this?? Me? I want to go over to her house and rip her lungs out through her throat, but, since that isn't reasonable or polite, I need a bit of advice here.
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Hi CakeScaps,

WOW! That really stinks. I can’t believe that your SIL would do that. I would have to believe that there would be some sort of legal recourse that you could take. That may be a little difficult if your sister and BIL aren’t in agreement with you but I think that it may be worth taking a look into. I’m not a lawyer or anything but just from a bystanders point of view I think that there is something ethically wrong with taking credit for someone else’s work. Do you have any sort of documentation that you did this work?
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Well, you could ask the bride to put a thank-you note together to send to all her guests that came to the event, and ask her to thank YOU BY NAME for making all the delicious goodies (listing the highlights, perhaps) and the SIL for what SHE made, if anything. You might even volunteer to help address the envelopes and pay for copying and postage. That might clear it up without you having to do anything else. It would also clear up the mystery for all the clients of the SIL.
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