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hello!! i am not a professional pastry chef or a baker, but i hope to be one day!! i am so excited about being able to learn more about pastries and read discussions and new ideas!! :D

also, i am thinking of baking biscotti on saturday for the first time. any advices?
Everything is better with cake
Everything is better with cake
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Hello Cooki,

I just wanted to drop in and welcome you to the forum. I too am not a professional pastry chief but I have learned quite a bit from the forum and find that everyone is extremely helpful. I wish you all of the best with your future endevers and hope that I can help you in the future.:roll:
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I think the only thing easier than making biscotti is to scoop ice cream out of a tub. Whose recipe are you using?

I have found a couple of things when making these cookies:

First, don't overmix the dough (I'm assuming you are doing it in a food mixer) because the sugar mixed with the eggs goes a bit liquidy and tends to make the dough a bit loose and difficult to work with.

Second, don't cut the cookies too thin. If you do, they crisp up too fast on the second baking and you end up with a tooth breaker of a cookie. You want them about 3/4" thick.

You can control the degree of hardness of the final product by how long you bake it for the second time. This is by trial and error but try it at the recommended timefirst. If they come out too hard reduce the bake time next time and conversely, if they come out too soft, keep them in longer. Keep in mind though that when you take them out of the oven they will be soft and you need to let them cool to get a sense of their true hardness.

My wife doesn't like nuts so instead of whole almonds, I use 1 tsp of almond essence instead.

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Hi cooki!

Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself to the commuity in the Welcome Forum. Biscotti are fairly easy to make, and there are so many styles and recipes for them. If you have trouble or questions along the way, we're here to help.
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