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It seems so relaxing  

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From the outside looking in, I sense that you have a fun and relaxing time doing what you do. But we all know that every job has its ups and downs. What would you say is the most difficult or stressful aspect of your work?
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Ups and Downs

I truly love my job and I love being in demand, but there are times when I feel overloaded. When someone asks me to do a job I hate to say no, especially because I know and like most of the people who call me. But I tend to cram a bit too much into my life. In addition to my work, I garden and am on the board of my garden club, and this school year I have volunteered to have culinary arts high school students come to me for a class once a week. I used to write articles for the New York Times, but aside from my cookbook I have done little writing in the last year or two -- there's been no time. So, balancing the things that are important to me is a continual challenge -- I'm reluctant to give up anything.
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