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Are you going on tour for you cookbook?
Does your publisher have the line-up set already?
If so would you mind sharing it with us?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Book events for Dinner for Eight

Thank you so much for asking about a book tour. My schedule is unfolding gradually and is posted under "Events" on my website (which will be newly revised within the next few days): www.TheCooksCook.com. I have been doing book signings and tastings in New England and New York, and on February 22nd I will be at The Book and The Cook Caffe Society, upstairs at Di Bruno Bros., 1730 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. I will be giving a three-course cooking demonstration accompanied by recipe "demi-courses." The fixed price includes an autographed copy of my book, Dinner for Eight: 40 Great Dinner Party Menus for Friends and Family. (For more information call: 215-545-4543.) On the same day (Feb. 22nd) at 10:45 am, I will be giving a cooking demonstration from Di Bruno Bros., broadcast live on the CN8 TV show "Your Morning" with host Nicole Fox. I am also scheduled to be interviewed on the PBS radio program "Chef's Table" with host Jim Coleman or Theresa Maddon.

I will be participating in the KitchenAid The Book and The Cook festival in Philadelphia in mid-March (location and date to be announced). On March 30th I will be speaking at the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference in Seattle. The title of my presentation is: The Cook's Cook: Lessons From a Professional Recipe Tester.

I enjoy traveling and am happy to go where I'm invited. Any business or organization interested in having me come to speak or give a cooking demonstration can get further information from the "Contact" page on my website.
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