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Commercial Rice Cookers

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I am a University Chef and have a strong need for a high quality commercial rice cooker. I work for a State system, so money is tight, but we don't want to sacrifice quality just to save a couple bucks. Does anyone have a rice cooker that they use in their operation that they would recomend? Or one that they would definetly avoid in the future? There seems to be only a few to choose from, but at $300 a piece I want to get it right the first time. Thanks.
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it depends on how large a rice cooker you need. i've been using a national that cooks about 25 cups of rice for the last couple of years, and havent had any problems. i think we paid about $90 for it. if you need something larger than that, 300$ is a good deal.

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Thanks for the tip. 25 cups is right around the size that I am looking at. What model is it that you are using?
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