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Pumpkin Ravioloi

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I was at a local eatery some time ago and had wonderful pumpkin ravioli. I have tried to find a local place (here in CT) to find these ravioli. I am willing to go thru the internet.
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Pumpkin Ravioli

Trader Joe's has sold a frozen squash ravioli for several years (we do not have a TJs in our town, so I can't tell you if they still stock it). Our local Wegmans (a supermarket chain in the NE) has had them on and off in their store-made pasta section.

You can order butternet squash ravioli from Alfonso Gourmet Pasta
and pumpkin ravioli from the same place

I have not tried their products, so this is not a personal endorsement.

Another source is Del Monaco Specialty Foods , but I do not know if they sell to individuals (they are a supplier to restaurants). Try their site at

And of course there are many recipes on the internet if you'd like to make your own. A nice topping is a simple sage butter.
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