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Oshkosh Wisconsin

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My husband and I are going to Oshkosh Wisconsin in June for a vacation. I am interested in some really good (not necessarily expensive) restaurants.:lips: My husband is a big meat eater and I like Italian/seafood.
Are there any suggestions?:roll:
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Give this page a try: http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguid..._restaurants-i

Good luck!
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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good restaurants

When it comes to Oshkosh, you won't find that great of restaurants. However, there are some to consider. Fratello's is good, Water City Grill is good, Silver Nickel Pizza is good, Janzen's for a fish fry is really good, I hear the Roxy is good, I've heard Brooklyn's is good for burgers and sandwich type stuff, Lara's Tortilla Flats is good, for Italian- Vitale's is okay from what I remember. To tell you the truth I think that's all that is worth going to in town. I think Oshkosh lacks good restaurants. I've lived here for over 5 years and prior to I've lived in Portland OR and Dallas TX and my husband is a trained chef so I feel I have somewhat of a right to say I think Oshkosh could have better restaurants/food options. But this is also my opinion and some people might disagree with me. I'm not saying there's not good food in this town but ask people where to go and don't go by what the internet sites might tell you.
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i lived in central wisconsin (about 60-odd miles from the area in question) for several years. sad to say, it isn't a place where you're going to find a lot of innovative cuisine. you're going to find a lot of brew pubs, hibachi grills, steakhouses, and buffets (eek!).

if you're feeling a little adventerous - and are willing to drive a few miles - check out appleton, which is right next to oshkosh. there is a truly fantastic korean restaurant there, called koreana. it's fantastic. there is also victoria's, which is the local answer to the olive garden. a huge menu with great variety ... and cute waiters, too :).
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Oshkosh Restaurant


Check it out
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oshkosh restaurant

oops sorry it is
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We went to Oshkosh

Everyone thanks for the suggestions.
We went there and did find some good restaurants. We ate on the Fox River at Fratello's and it was good. They have a microbrewery--also good.
One place we were impressed with was Kodiac Jacks. Good food and great place to look at all the taxidermy lining the walls! Bar was especially beautiful with natural wood and all.
Also Red Robins. We heard that indeed the Roxy is good, but we didn't get to go there. We went to the Union Star Cheese Factory and watched them make string cheese. Fresh curds are good!
All in all it was a wonderful vacation, with the Mexican rodeo being the most interesting.
They serve boiled corn on a stick with butter, salt, pepper, and mayonaise(sp). I had mine with out the mayo. There was not one word of English spoken in the 5 hours we were there except by the ticket lady when we came in. But they had a great 17 piece band that played really loud during all the bull riding.
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Any Great Italian Chefs In Northern Ill. Southern Wis?

My Husband Is Looking For A Chef That Is Talented In Italian Cooking. If Anyone Has Any Suggestions We Would Be Forever Grateful And Pay A Finders Fee. The Must Be Willing To Handle A Restaurant That Seats 250. We Are Looking For New Talent.
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