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I'm an apprentice chef in Australia at the moment, and am looking to emmigrate to Eastern Europe, more specifically Russia, and work my way around Europe, once qualified. does anybody know what kind of demand exists for chef/cooks in Russia, preferable Moscow or St Petersburg.

i want to train there as well, there's a severe lack of knowledge of that kind of food in my country, mainly because of the difference in climate, but i'm still interested to learn. any help or contacts for agencies would be appreciated
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What is your main interest? Pastry, whatever, etc.? There are lots of opportunities at the top and arrangements can be made in the middle. Apprenticing in a seriously Eastern European kitchen would, in my opinion, be a waste of time. There is just not that much to learn that you probably don't already know.

Eastern Europe, Moscow and Petersburg in particular are having a love affair with french chefs even though they tend to all do the same thing and nobody really likes the food too much. (I have spent a lot of time there.) But, there are opportunities if you snag a restaurant owner with a bit of vision.
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i'm not wanting to apprentice in eastern europe, just to work there, even in provinces and nations outside of Moscow or St Petersburg, but it is all part of my desire to work and train in europe, the epicenter if you will, of most cooking styles and techniques, without being too cliched about the ones i use....sounds pretentious, i know, but i want to learn something abit different
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sorry, main interest is by no means pastry, meat, stews, soups, sauces. some knowledge of cold larder would be good too, but sauces would be the main interest
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