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Brie question

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I'm hoping that someone here can help me with this question.

I often bake Brie in my oven, but this weekend I will be away on a trip with no access to an oven. However, I will have a crockpot and I am wondering if I can maked 'baked' brie in a crockpot.

Any advice would be appreicated!
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Wow...you know, I never even THOUGHT about doing it that way...hey, give it a shot, on high, obviously, before ya go, and keep it sealed until you think it's done...maybe there's a unit out there that can generate enough heat...keep us posted !
"Do sober what you said you'ld do drunk" - Ernest Hemingway
"Do sober what you said you'ld do drunk" - Ernest Hemingway
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I'd do it in a cast iron Dutch oven with charcoal. But, hey, that's just me.
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Bake it? No. Melt it? Yeah.

It depends on the result you are trying to achieve. If you just want it a warm gooey version of letting it sit on the table to room temp, then a crock pot would probably work fine, but the temp it gets up to isn't something you'd want to use to bake a crust in.

I agree with the dutch oven thing for that. The heat's hi and dry. Then you're getting into a whole different science. Hey, you could invent a new Cowboy Chuckwagon thingie!


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LOL, cowboy chuckwagon serving baked brie, how Brokeback Mountain!

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I once made a chocolate soufflé in a Dutch Oven with charcoal in the parking lot at Candlestick Park before a Monday night game between my 'Niners and the Packers. Does that mean that I'm . . . ?

I'd better stop this train of thought before I get in trouble. :rolleyes:
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I hope I didn't offend, I'm a huge dutch oven fan(not a niners fan though, go Dolphins!). It just struck me funny. I tend to visualize the Blazing Saddles bean scene when I think of chuck wagons.

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No offense at all! (Just like the current 'Niners, no freakin' offense at all.)

I thought your post was funny and I enjoyed it. Thanks.
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I see 2 potential problems with doing it in a crockpot. First I don't think that your crockpot will get hot enough to get a nice golden brown on your pastry and secondly, the heat will be too high for too long that the cheese will melt, stay melted and ooze through your pastry. I know these 2 concerns sound like contradictions but we are talking about a significant temp difference in what you need to brown the pastry and what it takes to melt the cheese.
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"Fatback Mountain"

...hey...how about that?:bounce:
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