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gluten free wheat flour substitute  

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Dear David,
Having recently found out that I'm wheat(gluten) intolerant, I have been looking for a good substitute. I've tried a lot of rice, potato, tapioca, corn and other flour combos, perhaps you have the perfect mix? (the bean flours have to be the worst tasting!)
Thank you,
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Have you tried Kamut or spelt flour? Both contain some gluten, but many people intolerant to wheat can tolerate Kamut and spelt, and these grain flours perform similarly to wheat flour. Other combinations depend upon on how you're using the flour--for breading, thickening, flatbreads, quickbreads, or yeasted breads. And each individual food sensitivity is slightly different, so it pays to experiment and find out what you like--and can tolerate--best. There's a chart in the back of the Food Substitutions Bible listing Whole-Grain and Alternative Flours and their protein content, gluten content, taste, and best uses that may be helpful. Another wonderful resource that provides even more detail on alternative flours (and recipes) is Majorie Hurt Jones's The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook.
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