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2006 James Beard Nominations

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The nominations have been announced - any thoughts?

I have to agree with Sam Mason for Outstanding Pastry Chef, but am pleased to see Elizabeth Pruitt and Chad Robertson recognized for Tartine Bakery.

I have only eaten at 2 of the restaurants nominated for Best Service, but can't imagine better service than what I have enjoyed twice at Gary Danko.

As far as writing on food...Hungry Planet was a great eye opener.

Good luck to all!
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It's interesting reading the finalists....

I was notified yesterday about the finalists. I was nominated but did not make the final list for Outsatnading Chef of the Year and Southeast Chef of the Year.

What is interesting to me is that the segment of food service that I am in is mostly catering ,though we do have a cafe and are opening two more restaurants this year, but this segment of industry is never given a nod for awards such as this. I have been invited to cook at the beard house 3 times, 92, 94 and this past Nov 2005. As much respect as I have for the chefs who are nominated I am always curious to know why catering is not a respected as restaurants. We feed over 600-800 people daily and more on the weekends, we create new and exciting dishes that rival any top restaurant in the industry.

It's not sour grapes believe me, but this isn't the first time I have seen this happen, not just to me, but to many a talented chef in the USA and in Canada.

Just my thoughts.
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Wouldn't catering be difficult to judge? Since catered affairs are generally private how would you envision someone making comparisons?
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It is about the individual chef....


To answer your question;
It really isn't that difficult to judge. I have been in a lot of magazines that someof the finalists are in and then some. My company doesn't just cater private affairs. they were able to judge me enough on what I do to invite me there, they called me, so that shows they have the ability to know what I do or ia done in this segment of industry.

Hope that answers you question.
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