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What book is next?  

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Dave do you have any new books in the works, if so what and when can we expect to see it?

Thanks again for taking part in the forum and give such extensive answers!
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I'm honored to join the discussion, Jeremy.

My next two cookbooks are co-authored. The first is Perfect Light Desserts with Nick Malgieri and will be out this Fall. For us, "light" means less than 300 calories per serving. Period. We don't pay attention to any other nutrients. Some recipes are high-fat and some are high-carb but all are moderate in calories (which is what really counts in the end). We used nothing fake or artificial in the book. Some recipes use skimmed dairy products but that's as far out as the ingredients go. Instead we use real butter, real sugar, real eggs, and real flour in carefully selected desserts that are naturally moderate in calories.

The second book is Mastering the Grill with Andy Schloss. That one's due out in the Spring of 2007. It's a huge book with more than 300 recipes and about 200 pages of text focused on the science of grilling: we delve into how grills work, what happens when meat meets heat, why you would want to rub a certain cut of meat, brine another, or marinate another, etc. Plus fun things like why a gas grill can never sear a steak as well as a charcoal grill. And why flame is blue. Plenty of interesting science in there for curious pyromaniacs or those who love live-fire cooking.
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