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I don't know if it's more a philadelphia thing, but I found out that in order to prepare for the next week. Before I can make my orderings and preplists more than weather I really need to check out the sports pages.

Big game at five - no business. Big game at two - busy(if we won).

I'm more of a baseball fan, but now I'm checking everything from rugby to women college basketball.
Still trying to get the formula right.

My former chef uses to say - "new year's eve and valentine day are busy, everything else is guess work".
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I don't think its a Philly thing. Here in Shreveport, Louisiana if a LSU games is on, especially right now with the both men and women in the Final Four, our business drops off big time. Of course we don't have a TV like the sports bars do. We look to have a big increase in catering and takeout sales this weekend with fans having parties for the games all weekend.

Geaux Tigers!
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