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i want to know

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:chef: I want to know every thing about a chefs life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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read this forum!
"Laissez Le Bon Temps Roule"
"Laissez Le Bon Temps Roule"
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bluechefs right just read the forum everything you need to know is here and then some. Good Luck.
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tincook, love the mad chef site that was great. Even bookmarked it.
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Quit whatever job you're doing currently and commit to working for one chef for at least one year. I don't know that you will come to know what you ask simply by chumming through this, or any other forum of a similar nature, but when you work in a professional kitchen you will over time learn a lot about the people you work with. Try it! The starting pay likely will s*ck, other cooks may not care for you because (I'm guessing you've never worked in a real professional kitchen...), you lack experience and confidence and no one will want to help you, or the chef may flat out tell you "no" and you will either be persistent and keep trying or just say "f*** it", and formulate your own opinion based on what mainstream media pumps into your head. Let us know what you find out!
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You want to know everything?
The way I got started was.
I got this book.
But mine was version 2
Read it front to back... And started cooking every day. Got a dish job and worked my way up to leadline.
Then I got this book.
And thought that I was going to die. jk :D
If you can read this.... And I do mean read it. Its more like a dictionary but its what i call a chefs bible.
There's so many skilled people on this board. I'll let them tell you the day to day work. But lets just say if you like food... And have a passion for it.
Then moisturize, rinse and repeat. Your brain and taste buds will enjoy it!
gl :ciao:
professionalism .
professionalism .
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