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Do not know if I am posting this in the right place but I found it interesting and figured maybe it might help someone out. http://www.chefolio.com looks like a great site .
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Thats great for anyone that wants to get their resume out.
though it seems a little $$$
professionalism .
professionalism .
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hi, fun shall it be to be a chef


wonder if you heared already about www.nexc.com the man behind the organization, a former executive chef with the Mandarin Oriental Group and a long career with Hilton International before that. He does this online resumes already for many years and on top, if you are qualified and look for a job, he is the right person to know.

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Agreed Chef Oz it is a little pricey.
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Chef Portfolios

Hello CakeRookie,

I guess I do not understand how it is expensive. How would they know when they have never tried our service. I offer a FREE entry level Chef Portfolio (ALWAYS FREE portfolio) for those that do not have or want to spend alot of money, but do want a portfolio online. Then the other levels are for more space and features or if you wanted to create a full website. Your Chefolio can be created into a full blown website as your career progresses.

See how much it will cost to get a website designed from scratch and hosted b y someone not in the culinary industry.

We also have www.ChefHosting.com where we create websites and hosting for chefs, culinary and food entrepreneurs. Here is are most recent site:


We are not a recruiter or job site like the other site Chef OZ suggested. Besides many of the chef recruiters only deal with chefs in hotels or restaurant chefs in the industry for at least ten years.

We would like to feature all cooks at all stages of their careers.

I would love to give you a FREE Chef Portfolio to try and get your feeback. We will have many new features coming soon.

Also you can get an email address at YourName@ChefEmail.com to forward to your AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, or Gmail account.

Best of luck and hope you take me up on the offer.

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I didn't say it was bad buy..??
I think your service is great for someone that could afford it. I just gave you my .02 :look:
I hope cookie takes you up on your offer!
professionalism .
professionalism .
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