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Greetings All!!!

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I’m just beginning to explore the culinary world. I grew up learning how to cook from my mother, but it didn’t become a major interest until recently. Now I have bits and pieces of knowledge that my mother taught me (mostly southern cooking), but know little about other types of cooking. If I’m at home the Food Network is on, unless I’m asleep. Even while on the computer I listen to it. That is why I’m here, to learn new things and have others that are passionate about cooking answer questions I have.

I’m a Christian, and an avid church goer. I also like to play Role Playing Games, which most people think these things don’t work together. I just laugh about it.

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Hi Ramlatus :) welcome to cheftalk!

There's lots of great information here...take your time and browse around. The search function is a nice tool. But don't forget about the Cooking Articles section, that could be reached from the homepage.

good to have ya here>>>
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