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food to freeze

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Hi all
I'm new here. I love to cook but unfortunately my job entails long and slightly random hours. This has the result that I often get home late wanting to rustle up something good with the shops shut and nothing in the fridge. To try to combat this I'm hoping to prepare some batches of good stuff well in advance and freeze it so I can defrost it prepare a simple side and have a nice evening meal. I've knocked up some chilli, a couple of basic stews and curries and the like but wondered if anyone had any other favourites for their freezer? Thanks in advance
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The frozen foods section at the grocery store is your friend, if they have it there, you can do it at home too.

It's almost unlimited, or should I say, it's only limited by the amount of freezer space you have.

A "food saver" machine can be your friend.
Life without broccoli isn't really life, is it?
Life without broccoli isn't really life, is it?
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My husbands favorite...

A real time saver is ham and beans. They freeze well. I prefer small containers though...so they don't take as long to heat. Corn bread freezes well too! We also keep containers of "spaghetti" sauce. Meatloaves in individual servings....lasagne in individual servings. One thing many people miss is rice! It freezes well too. Make up a big batch of spanish rice and put it in portions. Freeze taco meat in portions. Refried beans freeze well. There's a mexican meal. Good luck! Have fun! Freezers are great!






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Along with the mexican theme, I always has a bunch of homemade burritos sitting in my freezer. Fill them with whatever you like, wrap them individually, and freezer. I love to pull them out when I get home at midnight and don't want to cook something. A couple of those in the microwave and Im set. And they taste a whole lot better than the storebought frozen kind.
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Various enchiladas...cheese/onion...chicken suizas...shredded beef...ground beef...

Freeze indivually wrapped. Add sauce before warming. You can make your own sauce if you like but Hatch is a great green sauce.

I like Chili rellenos. Char poblano peppers, (or anaheims if you prefer) cut the top off next to the stem, remove seeds and veins (careful to not rip the meat) rinse and rub most of the skin off under cold water, dry with paper towels and stuff with cheese of choice (a nice mexican mild white cheese or jack is good), then you can wrap and freeze it for however long. To prepare: Dust with flour. Dip in a mixture of whipped egg whites to soft peak that have been folded into the whipped yolks. Fry in peanut oil. HAS to be peanut oil. Serve with a salsa of pureed ground fresh tomatos with a little serrano and onion.

Tamales are wonderful too. You just have to get the hang of it. Banana leaves are better than corn husks. Char them over an open flame to soften before you wrap the masa. You can tell they're done because they change color to a slightly darker green.

They are time consumptive but worth it. You can make tons of them with all kinds of fillings and freeze for ages.

Make a ton of chicken soup/stock. Freeze in individual portions. Make anything from chicken noodle soup, mazoh ball soup, thicken and make chicken ala king/cream base for chick and dumplings...chicken pot pie...same with turkey.

Turkey and rice. Clear thickened base (cornstarch) that tastes like thanksgiving in a bowl.

I personally like roasting the bird first. Gives it more of a hearty flavor.

Make a brisket...or two...slow roast and use for any kind of bbq, mushroom gravy, heck...brisket on a hogie roll, Philli Cheese steaks using brisket...shred and simmer in Mexican seasonings for tamales ... Soft tacos with pico de gallo...(definitely NOT flour tortillas....)

Shepherds pie...tamale pie (polenta crust with taco meat, cheese, beans, sour cream, avocado, lettuce salsa...make it up)

If you want me to be more specific, just let me know.

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