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Family Run Store

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I’m wondering if anyone else works for a place owned by their family. I did as a kid and can remember wanting to kill my entire family when I was a dishwasher. I can only imagine the frustration now that I’ll be running the kitchen and have access to the really sharp knives! Any policies, rules of thumb or personal experience folks could share would be greatly appreciated.

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Well been there done that. I have a family that runs a restaurant here where I live and I worked for them for several years. Did not have much of a problem with them. I guess the best advice I can give you is to make sure they understand the line between business and relationships. Make them understand that they are family but that in the restaurant the ties end till the doors close. They will expect special favors from you especially since you are kin. Good luck.

Regards Cakerookie
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I worked in a family run restaurant, and the kids of the family 4th Generation to "run it", murdered the business, when they were in charge, while Mom and Dad were out of town.

They felt, that because the family name is on it, they had free reign to treat people bad to get what they wanted. They also felt they could just raid the freezer and pantries to do their home shopping. Not to mention having their friends come in at any time (especially at the close of night to have us cook for them), and order ANYTHING on the menu, especially Lobster dinners.

Just remember, you can't do this, when it's "your" restaurant. Well, it's a few of many things that won't go over well.

Good luck.
Life without broccoli isn't really life, is it?
Life without broccoli isn't really life, is it?
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