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from my experience, most of the sick days are due to life style choices gone awry. Kids just do more things than guys your age, that result in unintended consequences.
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I think he just called us old.
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I think most here would agree with that Mannlicher, it is what they are talking about. The first time ones learns, the second time, one knows, the third time, one is an irresponsible idiot. Not worthy of the trust and responsiblity s/he holds. Clowning around 'till 4am when you must be in attendance at 6 am for breakfast, is a direct insult to guests and your team. Both FOH and BOH. And an even greater insult to the food you may or may not cook as ordered. I do not know if you are a chef or a cook, both can produce supreme food. Or, even, indeed, both.

But you must give thought to the guests, they are probably up earlier than they wanted to be, had their (hopefully uplifting) shower, and dribbled down to the dining room. To have a bright faced person offering OJ and a choice of newspaper IS uplifting, while our guest gives thought to buffet or menu. On the other hand some greasy faced, baggy eyed person would depress Dracula. And promote thoughts of the breakfast place down the road. Even if they only served fried rats. With a smile.

It should be the most vibrant meal of the day. Not much talking, if at all, a raised eyebrow is enough to accept an order, or a brief nod. It isn't so much what we eat, it how it is given to us.

I know this thread is not about breakfast, but it is about service, which all of us us are engaged in, one way or another. I still have my hat off to the (what was) Sheraton in Rotorua. We spent a little time there when the children were 9, 6, and 4 years old. The servers were mostly middle aged women, but sometimes the Chef/Cook helped. We were five. The youngest much loved hot chocolate was on the table before we got there. He poured it himself, a few wobbles, but no spills. The ladies loved him. We preordered our breakies, in as much as they knew what we liked and they just brought it. It was a very happy time. My kids never left their chairs, except once. When my 4 year old told another child to stop That Behaviour. He got socked in the eye for his concerns, but was backed up by his brother, a six year old has power.

Then daddy (ours) stood up, he only stood up, and the ladies assembled, with their arms folded, and best of all, three Chefs came and stood in front of them. That revolting little beast was removed from the dining room. Ain't life great.
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I have to add, of course, that our conf centre is small. A max of 40ppl. I do not have to deal with the massive numbers some of you do. It is none the less demanding because it is much more personal. They may have 6 acres to wander about, but like most families they always find the kitchen first. Oh well....
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NowIamone and all,

You are 100 percent correct and there in lies the crust of the problem. Sorry that I haven't followed up until now but that's another story. I appreciate everyone's comments and believe me I take sanitary issues very seriously. But, at some point worker have to held accountable and at present that's not happening here.
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