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hello from winnipeg

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Just a brief introduction, I've decided to quit my job as a tech support supervisor and follow my heart (definatly not my wallet) and join the industry. I've always loved cooking at home and have realized that i want out of the tech industry. My plan for working in a kitchen may have been influenced by kitchen confidential (book not that 4 part fox mini-series). So i picked up a job at a local Italian restaurant started out just weekends for a little experience and $ for school but ended up full time. I'm still working the tech support job but will be leaving in the fall for the culinary arts program at a local comunity college.
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Hello and welcome Dan! You are in the EXACT same boat as I am... I am currently in a cushy IT career (which I hate), and will be quitting my job in Jan./07 to go back to school full time (culinary arts/restaurant mgmt.).

Anyway, it's good to see you here, glad you signed up!

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the only downside is I won't be able to surf the internet all day,

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You mean like this? lol... ya there is definatly a downside :) Let me count them:

1) I work strict 8 hour days and make almost 6 figures... GONE
(Say hello to 12-16 hour work days in the culinary world)

2) I have alot of freedoms at the present (like trolling this forum)... GONE
(Say hello to "It's 1am and I just got home from work so I will check the site before I crash in bed")

3) I currently have a 20 minute commute to my cushy job... GONE
(Say hello to driving 45 minutes each way to get to school and then driving wherever I happen to be interning)

4) I can take any day I want off or switch my schedule around however to fit my needs... GONE
(Say hello to 6-7 day work weeks that will entail 60-80 hours each week or sometimes more)

5) I am currently in a high ranking position here and get to manage people and projects... GONE
(Say hello to the bottom of the totem pole)

I think I could go on and on... like losing having most holidays off, etc...

But the upside is... I will be doing something that makes me HAPPY. (Of course I am hoping this is the case, and in the very worst case scenario I fall back on my IT skills and get back in that field... but I figure if i have the shot at doing my dream career, I am gonna give it my best!)

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Dan. Trust me, you could fall in this board and not come up for air reading everything there is here! We hope you enjoy this community and visit often.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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welcome dan. interesting last name.
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Thanks, it's just a screen name based off of "dans la merde" which translates to "in the sh*t" the french equivalent to "in the weeds"
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