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need help

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hey, I'm gunna be starting correspondence cooking classes soon, and i was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much money i need to save up, I've already saved up enough for the classes, but as soon as i did save up, it just hit me, I'm gunna need money for supplies,
the cooking classes I'll be taking is for learning to do catering a stuff like that,
i don't need an exact amount of what i need to save up, just a safe price range would do,
if possible, I'd also like to get some advise on what kinda cooking supplies I'll need while I'm in school and then what i'll need when i get out,
or if anyone knows of a site online that helps with that kinda stuff, that would be good to :]

ok thanks.
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What is the name of the correspondance school that you are taking these "lessons" from? It's hard to say what you would need in terms of supplies. I would think that the school would be able to supply you with an idea of what you may need. But I have to ask you; do you have any cooking experience at all? What do you hope to get out of this? A correspondance cooking school can't give you hands on training in a kitchen. They might be able to give you books on cooking and books on the basics of running a business, but anyone here who has ever been involved in catering can tell you that without hands on experience in a kitchen catering can eat you up (pardon the pun). Of course it depends too on your level of experience and what you expect to gain out of this.
It might help if you told us a little more about yourself.
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My latest musical venture!
http://www.myspace.com/popshowband "I'm at the age when food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact I've just had a mirror put over my kitchen table." Rodney Dangerfield RIP
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i don't have alot of experience in cooking, but I've got a few people to help me out who are very good with cooking :)

the place I'll be learning from I'm told is very good, i won't just be getting books to learn from, but videos to,
the main reason i chose what i did though is because i can't drive right now, and even if i could, i have nothing to drive, and then even if i had that, I'd have no money for gas,
I'd really rather go to a cooking school, then to take this correspondence class, but i just can't do that,

well, what I'm hoping to get out of this first is just to gain good cooking skills and all the knowledge i need to get started,
i also want to get into baking, and decorating cakes,
I've always loved to cook, i just haven't looked into it as much as i should have till now,

if no one can give me an estimate of how much i might need during cooking school, I'd settle for just knowing how much any of you had to have while you were in cooking school,

i dunno if i said enough to help explain myself more, but any information would probably help me, even if someone could just tell me some of the stuff they had to do to prepare for cooking school, that would help to.
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It all depends on your school... What do you have and what dont'cha. edit: I should have said "What are they suppling?"

If your buds are cooking then they should give you more advise than any of us could. It's a vague question. I'll help ya, but we need a little more info.

I worked in school, so I was paycheck to paycheck for years. Though if you need a number then $50-100 a week if you don't have a car.
Why not just ask mom & dad? or you t0 old for that?
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professionalism .
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right now i think i have anything i would need at home, but i'm not entirly sure,
i asked my mom what a good ammount would be to save up, i just don't want to go and quit my job and then half way into my schooling run outta money,

the people i was talking about that are gunna help me are good at cooking and all that, but they never went to cooking school, the one started out in a resteraunt washing dishes and moved on to cook assistant, and from there on just got all...good and stuff,

ok and i'm not sure i understand what you're saying here...
"I worked in school, so I was paycheck to paycheck for years. Though if you need a number then $50-100 a week if you don't have a car.
Why not just ask mom & dad? or you t0 old for that?"

are you saying to ask them for a ride? well, my mom can't drive, and i my dad can't take me cause of his job,

i'm real sorry if i'm making this complicated, i seem to do that alot,

i'm always thinking and trying to find some way to actually go to a cooking school, but right now since i've saved up enough to enter this correspondence cooking school, i just wanted to find these things out,
i feel somewhat lost.
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Dont take what I wrote to heart.. :)
I would suggest... Don't quit your job. School is just going to make you better at what ever postion your at. Just get to work and too school. Save your money (don't go buy sodas and hot lunches. Make sandwiches or something.) Take the time you would be spending and use that to study. I found if I were studying more... I spent less $$$. Makes sense right?
Ask your buds if you can use their old knives. Learn to use a stone and make everyday full. If you work 20-30 hours a week and go to school. You should be studying on your breaks. All these questions will answer themselves out.
As for how much! Start limiting your money now. See where your at then make the changes.
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professionalism .
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I will tell you what I tell everyone about culinary school. First thing, get a job in a rest. I know you want to go into catering, but get a job in a rest. first. See if you actually want to do it. School and the real world are two completely different places. I have seen alot of people waste alot of time and money on school, just to find out they can't do it out in the real world. So before you sign up for your correspondece course, go out and find a rest. job.
My life, my choice.....
My life, my choice.....
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I am sorry if I sound harsh, but correspondence cooking school sounds like a farce. How can you learn cooking through videos and books. How can you get your end products evaluated, tasted and smelled? Who is there to explain to you why something went wrong? Believe it will, even if you follow recipes. Plus there are a million little things that cooking at home, alone can't teach you. Things such as how to move through a kitchen full of other working, running cooks, dishwashers and chefs, how to handle 3-6 tasks at once, etc. This just sounds like a waste of your money. I would try and find some kind of job in any halfway decent restaurant, and learn a few things and save some money. Then maybe consider a few classes at a local vocational school, or find a good chef to study under. Don't skimp out on your basic education. You do that and I guarentee that your catering busines will never be a big success.
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i'm not in this just to find a job though, i want this whether i find a job or not, it's just something i love to do and right now i know i'm not good enough at it,

i would love to work at a resteraunt really, but i just don't see how i could make that happen,

right now i have a full time job and wouldn't have time for both the job and the cooking school, that's why i wanna save up as much as i can now,

but all i really need is just a safe price range,
i'm not getting frusterated or mad or anything, i know i make things complicated ^,^;
i just wanna be prepared
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that's ok, you don't sound harsh, i've been told that many times before, but i already know, it's just that there's so many things in my way,
the thing about this school i want to learn from though is that it's not very expencive at all, but it is a very good cooking school, of course it won't teach and prepare me for everything, but if i do get a job in a resteraunt, that will teach me probably more then any other cooking school would,
i'm really not expecting any big exciting future, if i don't get successful, it won't bother me to much,

although just today i was shopping at wegmans, they have a very nice resteraunt there, and that is on the way to where i work now, so if i got a job there, i can easily be dropped off,
but it's just a thought,

well...in order to explain why i just can't do all those things i wanna do, i'd have to explain about my life right now, and i can't really do that, for one cause it would take to long to explain, and two cause i don't really want to talk about my life e,e

it's ok if i can't get the information i was asking for, i'm sure i'll find out eventually.
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It's not that we won't answer your question; it's that we can't. It's a number and a plan that you must develop yourself to reach your goals. There will be some guesstimate in it; Buy make the plan, every few days or weekly, review it and revise it. If it is not leading you to your goal then it is not working, so find the weakness in the plan, and strengthen it in that area.

Beware of courses of action that keep you from actually arriving at the goal. You have given us many reasons that you can't do something but prehaps you need to look at things with an attempt to resolve.

For example:
I can't drive my self, my mom can't take me so I can't. How about: I need transportation for myself, so I'll find a bus system; see if my communtiy as a subdized transportation service for low income; pay my neightbor to give me a ride, cut the other neighbor's grass if they give me a ride home?

I have a full time job so I can't. Try: If I start looking for a part time job in the field then I'll be able to find a full time job in the industry I want to work in. I'll have enough experiance to know if I want to be a chef.

I'll watch videos and learn? How about, I'll pick up a cookbook or watch a free cooking show and then tell my Mom I'll cook dinner. I'll make the dish 3-4times, perfect the sauce, see if the taste improves using a differant type of onion, light cream vs. heavy cream; sauteed hotter/lower? Does it need a spicy side dish or should it be cool, fresh one? What about the color or texture of the side?

You also tell us "it won't bother you very much if you aren't successful" That will need to change ASAP, if you want to be a chef. Every single plate that leaves your kitchen must be a success!!! It must be smell and look savory, be presented well so it's appetizing to look at, appealing to eat, it must present joy to the person that it is served to, not just appease their hunger. You have a responsibility, your effort is the bright spot in a customer's life that day. That's really our success, providing that satisfaction to our clients with each dinner served.
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this will sound harsh as well, but, being level headed, grounded, and humble is all well and good... but if this is truly your attitude, then you will never be succesful, especially in this business...

NO ONE makes it without, enthusiasm, drive, or determination... and if this statement really sums up your attitude your just gonna waste your time as well as everyone elses...

also... most chefs work the equivalent of two full time jobs at one point or another... so 1 full time and 1 part time should be cake if your ever gonna make it anywhere...
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