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My first job was working at McDonald's and to be honest, if you want burn there. I've gotten so many burns ranging from the convection oven we use to make biscuits/pies, the flat-tops we use for protein, and the fryers we use for everything, that the only time they actually bother me... is if it's serious.

The last (semi-decent) burn I got was after I pulled a pan out of the oven with my side-towel, then COMPLETELY forgot that I had just pulled it from there and grabbed the handle with my bare hand. Needless to say I was regrowing my finger prints for a while after that.

In my experience, the WORST thing to do with burns is to cover them up with some kind of gel. That holds the heat in and can make the burn worse. If it's serious, you want to sap the heat out of it asap. If it's not, work your way through it and get used to the sensation.
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I have recently adopted a new theory on burning myself. Last job I had was working a pasta/saute station at this Italian place. The pasta bath had one of those tilt activated faucets ontop which always produced ice cold water, it was great because I would burn myself working saute and there was access to cold water immediately, initially I thought this was a great prospect, but over time I learned that putting water on the burn usually just makes it worse. If you have a bad burn, the only time water should be applied is immediately right after to reduce the temperature of the wound, but if you feel the burn isnt bad enough to blister or scar there is no point aside from comfort to putting water on it. The other thing is if you have a wet hand and your sauteing...things can get alot hotter fast, over time burning myself helped me focus on my work and I have learned to like it.
"Set the gearshift to the highgear of your soul...You've got to run like an antelope, out of control" ~Phish
"Set the gearshift to the highgear of your soul...You've got to run like an antelope, out of control" ~Phish
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Some other funny stuff....panseared salmon, throwing the whole pan in the oven to finish it up, then you get slammed, end up taking the salmon pan out with a hot pad and leaving it on a back burner or on top of the station for a sec, and then your boss comes over to try and "help you out of the weeds", gets in your way, and then he grabs the pan that was in the oven and continues to scream like a girl and throw the pan into the side storage room in an exhibition kitchen none the less!....I have a nice scar on my neck, I was searing venison racks, a corner of the sheet tray is hanging over the grill, which is cranked, I was carrying the tray up on my left shoulder going to the walkin, a dishwasher walks into me and the hot corner that you weren't aware of presses right up against your neck...and last mothers day, reaching over a smoking hot pan with oil to get to the back burner with a handful of raw veg, a little water dripped off the veg into the smoking hot oil, 3 giant insta-bubbles on my forearm at 4 o clock on a mothers day was a great start
"Set the gearshift to the highgear of your soul...You've got to run like an antelope, out of control" ~Phish
"Set the gearshift to the highgear of your soul...You've got to run like an antelope, out of control" ~Phish
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My wife once worked as a cook in a kitchen where they grew aloe vera plants on shelves by the windows. If someone got burned they would just break a piece off and rub it on the burn. She swears by it.
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My 3 favorite burns...

My last day working at the Red Lobster in Montreal before the whole chain was closed down in Quebec I dropped something into the fryer. Long and short is that I was on the job hunt with terrible blisters and scabs all over my face.

Recently I leaned down to get something from under my work table and gave myself a third eyebrow on a hot sheetpan. All that night I kept telling the waitstaff, "I'm not pretty anymore!"

A couple of years ago I was working sautee and I could HEAR the skin on my hand burning when I picked up a cast iron skillet. I felt nothing but when I looked at my hand, the skin was as white as paper. I seem to remember the pain that followed being pretty intense.

A final runner up somehow never left a mark. I was going to drain some potatoes that were still bubbling in the pot. Somehow I slipped and poured what felt like gallons of 212 degree water down my face, neck, shoulders, right arm, chest and back. This was just this past January. Anyway, I exhaled a few choice words and got to mashing before the spuds could start cooling. I just wish that I had been covered in that hot potato water while sitting at my car at a McDonald's drive-thru.

I prefer burns to cuts any day of the week.
Will work for a bed and shower... I want to find a place to live that isn't Vermont. I am interested in seeing a few sites.
Will work for a bed and shower... I want to find a place to live that isn't Vermont. I am interested in seeing a few sites.
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Well just sustained the worse burn of my career when a smothered but still smoking grease fire reignited in blow torch fashion. First let me encourage you DONT BE A FUCKING HERO. Starve the fire of oxygen with a firm fitting lid or sheet tray. DO NOT MOVE THE POT even if the fire is out and billowing smoke LEAVE IT it can REIGNITE. Let the hood do it's work. I hate scares. Have a ton but would rather just have nice smooth forearms personally. Basically I have no skin on the back and fingers of my right hand. Immediately cooling the burn with water will stop if from frying. A bad burn will blisters within an hour and continue to blister for several days.  Silvercream, breathable bandages, regular cleaning and bandage changes are all necessary. The doctor will have to drain the blisters LET THEM otherwise the liquid breeds bacteria. Bacteria can = infection. Infection = career ending damage causing infections. Drink water obey your doctor and go back in whole and kick ass. Work smart.  

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A quick remedy for minor burns is to pour white vinegar on it, Try it next time, it works.

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The FDA deemed my favorite OTC fix (1% lidocaine gel stocked with the sunburn stuff) to be too dangerous without a doc's order.

Some is still out there on the shelves of small mom and pop drugstores...maybe.

The best is silvadene cream....not only relieves the pain but has a bit of antibiotic mixed in.

Next time you visit a doc tell them you cook and most will write you a Rx for a tube.

I keep some in the fridge.



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I like to blast a burn with a nice small CO2 fire extinguisher until the frost cakes up a bit. It all dissipates in a few minutes and POOF!, the burn is gone. 

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I'm careful, so i don't get burned (much)


but when you do, DON'T put ice water on the burn, it'll be a bitch all night.


try putting HOT water on the burn. Run to the hot water, put your burn under the water until prickly sweat breaks out on your forehead (or you cannot hold your burn under the water anymore) then do it again, and again. You will forget the burn and work normally the rest of the shift. The burn heals quicker too.


Also, when your soft shelled crab in the deep fryer explodes hot oil all over you, that's good luck...


An old chef showed me this trick and it works.

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