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Spice list

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Is there a website or a list out there some where that will give me an idea of what each spice will taste like?
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hope that helps

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Thanks It Did :roll:
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thanks.. :)
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The best spice site I've seen is this one:


However, there's no substitute for trying out the spices yourself, one by one. Buy a small amount of each, WHOLE, not ground, then use them to make simple dishes. That way you'll really learn what they taste like.
Start with the commonest ones ( pepper, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, cumin seed, caraway, mustard seed, poppy seed, etc) and then start surfing google for recipes with each. You'll learn lots, just like I did.
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I don't know about ya'll but I agree with cliveb I worked for a Chef that made me taste spices and herbs before I was allowed to add anything to a dish or write a recipe. I'm not talking heaping teaspoonfuls but had to know what it was going to do before I used it.

Ya know someone can tell you it's hot... but until you put it in your mouth you won't know for sure. If I'm putting my name on a recipe or menu item I don't want someone telling me what I'm supposed to be tasting. This is how to train your pallete or at least that's what I was taught.:D
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I worked at a place that had alot of different flavored chicken wings. The staff wanted all the new people to try the flavors. They had a 'secret' sauce that was supposed to be really hot. I'm kind of a sissy when it comes to heat...so I was NOT looking forward to trying that one. But they wanted us to be able to tell customers exactly how hot it was. I tried that stuff and my eyes watered for soooo long and then I was sick to my stomach for a lil while afterward!!! That was torture!!!
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