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Hello from the Chesapeake Bay

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Hello to everyone,

I'm new and hope to share and learn alot more about this biness and the crazy people who work it...It's fun and so rewarding but a hard job. I currently work in a fine dining restaurant. It was created about 15 yrs ago by a very good friend. And I worked there the first 8 yrs it was opened then left and came back about 2 months ago..It's amazing I could still prep the menu with my eyes closed..had to get the kinks out for the first couple of weeks but it's like being home. Going to change a few things on the menu and update some thing but it's been alot of fun new owners and all new staff...So far it's been a laugh a minute. We have hired a great staff and some good young ones They make me crazy but they are so funny. And that's what makes it worth it all, teaching them and watching them cook food and then can't cook a frozen pizza when they go home..I still have alot to learn and love seafood ideas since we certainly get alot of it fresh. Salmon is my choice this week if anyone has a good receipe they would like to share I would love to hear it. Thanks Shelley:)
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I've had the most "ewwwwwwws and aaahhhhhhs" from poached salmon. Plus, you're not likely to dry-it-out, which is one of the worst culprits of lousy salmon.

By offering different sauces--that can be pre-made---you can quickly change the menu from say, Asian (soy glaze served with white rice) to an American maple/ mustard or even horseradish sauce (or combination of all three).

I also remember a more labor intensive but incredible poached salmon with a fresh-beet vinaegrette that was served with Orzo. Stunning, both to look-at and eat!

Good luck.
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