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prime rib

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How do I cook two prime ribs at the same time. One for medium and one for med. rare. Oven temp.? How long? help
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Start off high temp, to brown off the ribs, like 400F for the first 15-20min...then drop the oven to 325-350(taks into consideration I am talking about convection ovens). I figure 20min pr/lb for med rare. For your Med rare, pull it at an internal temp of 110 degrees and let it rest, carry over cooking will take it where it needs to be. For the medium, pull at 120/130 internal, and rest the same way. carry over cooking is a wonderfull thing.

Best luck!
Like all good meals, this too shall pass
Like all good meals, this too shall pass
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Go to http://www.cooksillustrated.com/ and register for the two week free trial which will give you access to the Perfect Prime Rib Recipe. (I've tried it and it's pretty darn good.)

Better yet, check out the book which tells you exactly what is happening to the tissues at what temperatures so you can make the ultimate informed decision. It also tells you which cut is the best.

The meat will continue to cook and the temperature will continue to rise once you pull the meat from the oven. Use a probe thermometer. Pull at 120 for rare and 130 for medium rare. Keep in mind that the meat on the ends will be more done that the meat in the middle.
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