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does anyone have recommendations on the 'BEST' restaurant in Australia.
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Well...that depends on what type and where...

There are many very nice restaurants of all types in major cities. It's been a number of years so I can't specify by name but Oz is very heavily influenced by the Asian/Thai culture as well as heavily Italian.

There was a "Lone Star" (an upside down "Outback") in Adelaide that was excellent and we went there often. I'm certain you can find outstanding steakhouses there as well. OH, a place on the Goldcoast...well, inland from the Goldcoast. It's a steakhouse and it's outstanding. If you are heading to that area let me know and I can go through my stuff and find the name. (assuming they are still there) Unbelievably wonderful, brilliantly prepared and plentiful food. An app was avocado with caviar, capers, salmon, red onion, toast...it got my daughter hooked on caviar at age 8.

The "Chinatown" area of Sydney has many excellent restaurants as well.

<Pie floaters? Pasties maybe? ...LOL>

Things that are great: Pumpkin soup and Salt and Pepper Squid. Thai anything. Lamb dishes.

Don't expect to find remarkable Mexican food.

Hamburgers with "everything" will have just that. Pineapple, egg, beetroot, bacon (which is actually more like Canadian bacon), cheese, tomato...etc etc...

Ok, before I continue, where are you going?

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Assuming you mean restaurant in the Australian sense, and not in the sense AprilB used it occasionally:) : Tetsuya, Rockpool, Aria, Buon Ricordo - to name a few in Sydney. Flower Drum, Pearl, Ezard, Grossi Florentino, Vue de Monde (not a typo) - to name a few in Melbourne. Google a bit and you'll find out more faster.

Thai in Australia is generally very good, but rarely outstanding.

Hamburgers only have beetroot in some states.:lol:
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Yeah...We lived there for almost 6 years.

But it was a few years back. I couldn't vouch for any restaurant I knew about. SA is just not impressive as far as restaurants go.

The types of dishes I mentioned were pretty decent when we were there. (apart from pie floaters or vegemite on toast :crazy:...I still think it was invented by a couple of blokes that were pissed in a pub on a bet)

I'm sure a lot has changed in the past few years. And yeah, Lonestar was very nice for a 'chain type' restaurant.

Still wish I could remember the name of that Steakhouse just inland from the Goldcoast. I'm sure it's still there. (no it wasn't Lonestar...LOL)


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NZ Food Service magazine seeks kiwi chef in Perth


I am a journalist for Food Service magazine which serves the hospitality industry in New zealand.
I am in Perth at the moment and would like to interview a kiwi chef working over here.
Especially one who has worked in both countries and can comment on the differences between cheffing in NZ and Oz, which is better, etc.
If you are such a chef please email he at greenwood_darren@yahoo.com.au or if you know one as well.
I am in Perth until Sunday so need to see one quick.


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There is one little japanese restaurant I always go to. It's called Fuji in Victoria Park. It is very small, and has a very traditional feel. Food is pretty good as well :)
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star of siam...adelaide..great thai food
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