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West Hartford, CT Incubator Kitchen Available...


We have a commercial kitchen available for caterers, food truck operators, as well as a small dining room (capacity 21 people) which can be utilized for plating presentations, food sampling, and even cooking classes, food assembly, and just about any other culinary oriented business.


Let me know what and when you need, and we can work something out.


Small 800 Sq. Ft. Commercial Kitchen for rent.  Health Permit in place.  GF Friendly


We operate as a restaurant on the weekends only, and Friday between 12-6pm we use as our prep day.  During the weekday we operate our catering business.  We are flexible with date and time usage, just let us know when you need and for how long and we will accommodate.



(1) Double Door Reach-In Fridge (Empty)
(3) 30lb Deep Fryers (of which 1 is a dedicated GF fryer in a separate area) - we keep filled with Peanut Oil
(2) 10lb Deep Fryers (GF & Nut Allergy Use ONLY, contains GMO Free, Rice Bran Oil ONLY)
(1) 6 Burner Stove Top with Oven
(1) 32" Flattop Grill with Oven
(1) 24" Charbroiler Grill 2 burner unit w/ Half Lava Rocks
(1) 60" Sandwich / Pizza Prep Station
(1) Chest Freezer 5.2 Cu Ft (Empty)


3 Bay Pot & Pan Sink

Dish Washing Machine


(1) Robocoupe Food Processor
(1) KitchenAid 8 Qt Blender
(1) 12" Immersion Blender
(1) 24" Immersion Blender

(1) Heat Lamp Food Warmer
(2) 12" x 20" Counter top Food Warmers


Separate 2 Bay Prep Sink
Separate Employee Hand Wash Station
Separate Prep Table / Area
Employee Bathroom


800 Sq. Ft. Basement for Dry Storage.  For contracted accounts, we can offer private shelving for your dry goods.


You can also utilize our Dining room to plate, assemble, and/or host your function - food sampling for your client.  Perfect environment.  It's small, 21 person dining room (modular design, which can be laid out however), but bright, very clean, and recently gut renovated.  Bamboo wood floors with white tables & wood chairs.  ADA compliant bathroom.


Rent By Hour, Day, Week, or Month.

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I'm trying to open a restaurantin the future and starting off small as a street food vendor. I am finding it hard to locate a commercial kitchen. Are you in St. Louis, Mo?
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Hey @uncle Ricky and welcome. As @heartykitchen posted the kitchen is in W. Hartford, Conn. Suggust you use the search bar to look for potential kitchens in your area as this subject has been covered many x's before. My advice in answer to your question is to meet with your local church that has a kitchen, Elks, American Legion, Eagles clubs etc., as most, if not all will have a kitchen and may be willing to rent and or help you. Likewise restaurants with catering operations and or formal catering businesses may be open to renting you space when their not busy.


Good luck.





"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......


"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......

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Thank you. I am grateful for you advice.
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I am looking to rent a kitchen space that has all applicable licenses in Orange County (California) or in Long Beach area.
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Hi I need time share kitchen for catering, and can you gove me some information


Thank you

Diane H 

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Granny Flat Solutions really helped me alot in building my granny flat and the important thing is that I like my kitches the most. You can visit site for more information.

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I would like to offer use of our Commercial Kitchen Our Fine private Commercial Kitchen is located In Connecticut in one large building. Let Me know i have all my contact details intact.

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Originally Posted by sirchief View Post

I would like to offer use of our Commercial Kitchen Our Fine private Commercial Kitchen is located In Connecticut in one large building. Let Me know i have all my contact details intact.


I am interested in your kitchen. pls where is it? rates? equipment?


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Sorry I am trying to post the same question for Los Angeles but don't know how to do it. Help!
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What we have done when we needed a commercial kitchen is check with the churches in our area.  You can rent a church kitchen for really cheap, plus check around for small rental kitchens in your area.  Several people share commercial kitchens in our area, one company on ovens 1-2 and tables 1-2, company two ovens 3-4, tables 3-4, etc. with their equipment placed in their area of the kitchen.  Also check around with your competition and find out where they rent or cook.  

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What town is your commercial kitchen located? I do fairs and some small catering jobs, and have the need for commercial kitchen rental, most to prepare my foods not so much to cook them. Sometimes I need a kitchen to put my kebobs together. What would you charge?  Thanks, Majestic

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Growth in the number of food businesses is increasing the demand for commercial kitchen space. The Food Corridor is conducting research on commercial kitchens and food businesses to identify challenges and opportunities around commercial kitchen use. Your participation in this survey will provide us with valuable feedback to identify future opportunities for increasing access to kitchens.


The two surveys are aimed at: 

1. Commercial kitchen owners/managers that rent or are interested in renting space in the future. These could be a:
  • commissary (shared commercial rental)
  • incubator or accelerator (provides business support) 
  • community (church, community center, food bank) 
  • co-packer
  • institution (school, hospital, senior living)
  • privately owned (restaurant, bakery) 

2. Food Businesses defined by self-identified occupation and could be a: 
  • baker 
  • caterer 
  • personal chef
  • food truck or push-cart owner
  • food artisan or value-added producer
  • food or beverage manufacturer
  • cottage foods producer (home)
  • educator or cooking instructor
This surveys should take 5-10 minutes each and your answers are anonymous. There are no known risks or benefits to participating in this survey. Participation is voluntary.  Choosing to fill out the on-line survey implies consent.  If you change your mind and decide not to participate, you may withdraw your consent at any time without consequence.

Take the Commercial Kitchen survey here. Take the Food Business survey here.


Should you have any questions about this survey, please contact Ashley Colpaart at or Advisor Marisa Bunning at If you have any questions about your rights as a volunteer in this research, contact the CSU IRB at  RICRO_IRB@mail.colostate.edu970-491-1553.


Thank you in advance for your time.

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I am wondering if you have opened your commercial kitchen yet.  I am looking for a kitchen to use once a week for a few hours in St. Louis.



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