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Hi there, I was wondering if you still have a commercial kitchen for rent in Fairfield county. I'm looking for one....where is it exactly?


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Hi - Just found this site.  Do you still rent out a commercial kitchen?  I'm in FF County and would be interested in learning more.  If you don't have a space any longer, do you know of anyone else I might contact?  Thanks!

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Hello ErikD!


I see you posted this moment some months ago, but I am in the same situation.... what was your experience?? Did you find a suitable place?




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Hi, I am also looking for a commercial kitchen to rent. Are there any avaliable in Myrtle Beach SC? Thanks!

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Possible Kitchen to Rent in Glenn County (California):  I know some people who owned a restaurant that closed in Orland, about 1hr20min north of Vacaville - Fairfield... 20 minutes west of Chico. They may be interested in renting their kitchen out if they have enough interest.  Please reply with your info what your cooking and how long you need the kitchen and email and I will pass on your info!

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If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a space to start your food business- check out Shared Kitchens. They have two locations- Suwanee & Decatur.  Both facilities offer a very clean and well maintained enviornment with helpful on site management.  The kitchens have been licensesed by both Dept of Ag and the county health departments. Check out the web site at


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Have you checked out Shared Kitchens in Suwanee or Decatur?

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Any ideas on where to rent a kitchen for a couple of days (6-10 hours per day?) in Los Angeles?


Preferably in the GlendaleBurbankSan Fernando Valley, Van Nuys area, but willing to travel if the rates are good throughout the Los Angeles County in general


Thanks in advance for helping your fellow small catering business pursue our passions in an economy like this!

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    Hi everyone,

      I want to announce the new 24-7 SHARED KITCHEN location in Gwenette, is open 24/7 with hourly rates available( deposit require). Nameof the kitchen: -

                                                                     24-7 SHARED KITCHEN



                                    contact name:       CORMELIA FLOREA

                                    phone:                         404 484 4588

                                    adress:                    245 SCENIC PLAZA

                                                            LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, 30046


Welcome to:

                Cornelia Florea


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At Independent Kitchen Solutions 
we are working hard to bring more options to those needing 
Licensed kitchens around Atlanta Georgia to produce out of. 

We have partnered with our first commercial kitchen in Kennesaw. 

Hourly rates start at $13.00 per hour and business development resources are available at this location!

Having a meet and greet Friday February 10th and Saturday February 11th at 10 am if anyone is interested.
We will be having these sessions weekly. 

Click Here to RSVP for this meet and greet. 

We are working with other locations and hope to be able to direct you there soon! 

Please PM for more details!

Best Regards, 

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Kitchen Network - Do you have a Commercial Kitchen?
If you have a kitchen or any food processing facility which you would like to see operating as an Independent Kitchen Solutions, please contact us. We have people who need a place right away.
There is a need for kitchens in many areas. 
Let's partner up and become successful together!

Call us today - 404.987.6958


Come see the Kennesaw Shared Kitchen Meet and Greet Information click here

Shared Kitchens, kitchens for rent,


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hello I am interested in renting your commercial it still available? please let me know. thanks

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Hello everyone, so it seems that i am having a hard time finding a reasonable, available and licensed commercial kitchen for rent.  I would only need it 8-16 hours a month as i am just starting out..I live in COVINA,91723   CALIFORNIA  I need something near Covina. I don't have the means to pay high rental rates so to get legit and licensed and start my business full swing..i need to be careful and make sure i do everything correctly.   If you know of any please let me know.. thanks!


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NEW Kitchen Incubator in Toronto!

Belly Catering + Kitchen Rental
1574 Queen St. West
Toronto M6R 1A6


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Hi, I'm looking for kitchen space to rent in the Stamford, CT Greenwich, CT or Port Chester, NY area. I have a culinary degree, servsafe certificate and insurance.  I would need a few hours in the morning and in the evening with some refrigerator,freezer and dry storage space. Please email me Thank you

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My partner & I are interested in renting a commercial kitchen. We've just recently started a buisness making & selling baked goods, so we're really interested in renting a kitchen hourly or daily until we have a good idea of what kind of revenue we'll be bringing in. Let me know what you think or if anyone else has any ideas where to rent an hourly/daily commercial kitchen in Charlotte NC

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I am leasing my commercial kitchen for exclusive use located in East Hartford CT

maybe not the area you are looking for (860) 214-9398


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I'm researching opening a Share Use kitchen in the Livonia/Farmington/Plymouth area in Michigan and am assessing the need for this service.  If you live in this area and think this is something you might have a need for, please let me know.  Thank you!

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How many times are you going to spam this site with your kitchen for rent?  .....How about an introduction or bring something positive to the site.

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most farmers markets have a group responsible for running the market.  They are listed by citys and by market names.

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Hi Ligree,


I too am looking to rent out commercial kitchen space in the Santa Barbara area.  Have you found anything?


thanks and much appreciated


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I just saw your post, I am looking into renting a kitchen in the Fairfield area and was wondering if you had found out more about this.  Thank you.

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Hi, I am in need of a commercial kitchen in Berkeley-Albany area in order to sell my baked goods.  Does anyone know where in Berkeley,Albany or Oakland area I can go?

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I was also looking into this recently. My solution was to ask places that only open in the evenings, and to rent their kitchen in the mornings. I would think they would jump at the chance since they are not using it anyway. Just a

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I am in the start up phases of a food truck....however it has been TOUGH finding shared kitchen space.......... If you are looking to share a kitchen with me or know anybody who is looking to share..whether its a caterer or etc, please have them contact me (link deleted)    There is a spot that has been recently licensed in the eastern CT/Hartford area that is empty.  The owner is looking for arond $900 a month plus utilities.  If somebody wants to share this with me it would be an incredible deal at just around $500 a month.  Bring on a 3rd and its cheaper.  I have been looking for a kitchen co-op for a while and this may be our chance. 


Located close to Harford, Glastonbury, East Hampton, Marlborough, Hampton, Portland, Hebron, Haddam, Colchester, Salem and Waterford.


We are only about 45 minutes outside New Haven and Old Saybrook areas and about 25 minutes to Groton and Lyme areas.


This location is not yet set in stone, so if you are in the same boat as me and have something but looking for someone to share with please e-mail me as well.

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Have you found a place to rent?

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Just came across your space for rent in the Bothell/Kenmore area. Would be interested in renting it out for about 20 hrs/wk to start out. Let me know if your space is still available. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, What town in Fairfield County are you located? Please PM me. Thank you!

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